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The device page will show you a list of the devices attached to the network segment. The devices are registered in order of appearance starting with EM3732 receivers. If you have more than 16 (24) supported devices in your network you will need to decide which ones to monitor. Tap the 'Edit' button and drag the devices to monitor into the first 16 (24) entries.

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Device sorting

When you wish to sort the panels of the devices to your personal needs you can do this by pushing the 'Edit' button and move the devices up and down the list as you like. When you're finished close the Device page.

The next time you start RF Control the order will be remembered if:

- no new devices have been added (leave off the excess devices if more than 16 (24) are in your network)

- devices have been removed RF Control will try to arrange the known devices accordingly but closes the gap for missing devices.